Rudolph C. Hwa

Rudolph Hwa's research interest is in the interface among particle, nuclear, statistical and nonlinear physics. A large part of his work is in the area of strong interaction in hadronic and nuclear collisions at very high energies. His research topics include the construction of models for multiparticle production, intermittency and fractal structures in particle and nuclear physics, formation of quark-gluon plasma in relativistic heavy-ion collisions, J/psi suppression, quark-hadron phase transition, chaotic behaviors in hard and soft processes, classical and quantum nonlinear dynamics, and universal properties of fluctuations in time series and spatial patterns in a wide range of problems in quantum optics, condensed-matter, particle, nuclear, statistical and medical physics. Recently the scope of his work has been extended to include the study of nonlinear properties of human brain activities recorded in EEG.

Some selected publications:

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