Physics 433/533 Instrumentation, Spring 2000

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In addition to the basic course information below, this page will give updates
on schedules, labs, exams, projects, etc. during the term.

Projects Update 5/31/00:
Please schedule project demonstrations for this week, if possible. Demonstrations and
writeups (PC+ and Lab 20-21) are due by the latest on 5 PM Friday June 9.
Please come to class Thursday June 1 for Evaluations and updates.

Parts Update:

Instructor: Raymond Frey, Wil 405, 346-5873, 
Office hours: Tu,W 11:00--12:00
Lectures: Tu,Th 12:30--13:20, Wil 147
Text:  Student Manual for the Art of Electronics, Hayes and Horowitz
Optional:  The Art of Electronics, 2nd Ed., Horowitz and Hill
Labs: Wil 11 (basement), one 3-hour lab per week starting with the week of April 3. Lab times will be arranged the week of March 27. 
TA's:  Jason Burt, Labs (jburt1@darkwing)
Qiuyang Wu, Homework (qwu@gladstone)
Lab Supervisor: Dean Livelybrooks, Wil 144, 346-5855,
WWW: This page available at

We will cover the following two major topics:

The graded components of the class are as follows: homework (20%), labs (50%), project (30%)


We have settled on 3 lab sections (Jason Burt TA):

Tues    3:00 - 6:00
Weds   3:30 - 6:30
Fri        4:00 - 7:00

April 3 Counters: Lab 15-1 thru 15-6 of Hayes
April 10 Memory & State Machines: Lab 16-1 , 16-3, 16-4 of Hayes
April 17 Hayes Lab 18, Sections 18-1 -- 18-7
April 24      Lab 18 continued
May 1 Hayes Lab 19
May 8 Intro to the LAB-PC+ Interface Board
May15 - June2 PC+ -based projects OR Hayes Labs 20-21 (reduced)
Examples of previous Lab-PC+ projects

Lectures, Homework, and Exams

The following table is will be updated frequently. Unless otherwise noted, the homework numbers refer to "Exercises" in the text. Homework solutions will be placed on reserve in the Science Library.
Mar 27 Prof. Frey will be away this week HW#1: See Note [ps] [pdf] [tex]
Apr 3 Discussion of Labs 1&2 HW#2 [ps] [pdf] [tex] due Apr 18
Apr 10 Discussion of Lab 2
Apr 17 Discussion of Lab 3 ; See reading assignment
on the HW#3 sheet
HW#3 [ps] [pdf] [tex]  due May 2
Apr 24 Discussion of Lab3-4, Programming HW#4 [ps] [pdf] [tex]  due May 2
May 2  contd.
May 9 Discuss Lab 5 Project Proposals due Tues May 16
May 16 proposals discussion Tues; No class Thurs.