Physics 432/532,  Physics Instrumentation, Spring 2000

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In addition to the basic course information below, this page will give updates
on schedules, labs, exams, projects, etc. during the term.
Instructor: Raymond Frey, Wil 405, 346-5873, 
Office hours: Tu,W 11:00--12:00
Lectures: Tu,Th 12:30--13:20, Wil 147
Text:  Student Manual for the Art of Electronics, Hayes and Horowitz
Optional:  The Art of Electronics, 2nd Ed., Horowitz and Hill
Labs: Wil 11 (basement), one 3-hour lab per week starting with the week of April 3. Lab times will be arranged the week of March 27. 
TA's:  Qiuyang Wu, qwu@gladstone;  office hr Tu and Weds 2:00-3:00, Wil 218
Jason Burt, jburt1@darkwing; office hr Fri 3:00-4:00, Wil 
Lab Supervisor: Dean Livelybrooks, Wil 144, 346-5855,
WWW: This page available at

We will cover the following two major topics:

The graded components of the class are as follows: homework (20%), labs (40%), mid-term exam (15%), final exam (25%). The labs include a project at the end of the term. The project is to be of the student's own design and making. A passing grade on the project is required to pass the course. 


Lab Section 1: Tu 3:00-6:00 , Wil 11  Burt
Lab Section 2: W 3:30-6:30,  Wil 11  Wu 
Lab Section 3: Th 5:00-8:00, Wil 11  Burt
Lab Section 4: Fr 2:00-5:00, Wil 11  Wu
Jan 10 Binary Numbers and Logic Gates [ps] or [pdf]
 ~ Jan 17 no lab
Jan 24  Decoding, Multiplexing, and Sequencing [ps] or [pdf]
Jan 31  Flip-flops [ps] or [pdf]
Feb 7  Counters [ps] or [pdf]
5 Feb 14 Analog to Digital Conversion [ps] or [pdf]
Project proposals  due Feb 22  Project Guidelines [ps] [pdf Examples from previous classes 
Projects  due Mar 10

Lectures, Homework, and Exams

The following table is will be updated frequently. Unless otherwise noted, the homework numbers refer to "Exercises" in the text. Homework solutions will be placed on reserve in the Science Library. All lecture notes are combined in one pdf file here.
Jan 3 binary numbers; logic levels; gates; text 8.01-8.11; Lecture Notes #1 [ps] or [pdf] HW#1: 8.2,8.3,8.6,8.8,
8.9,8.11; Due Jan 18
Jan 10 combinational logic; Boolean algebra; Karnaugh maps; text 8.11-8.15 
Lecture Notes #2 [ps] [pdf]
HW#2: 8.13,8.14,8.19
8.20,8.21; Due Jan 25
Jan 17 multiplexers and decoders; text 8.14-8.15;  HW#3: 8.17a, 8.18
due Jan 27/28
Jan 24 flip-flops;sequential logic; text 8.16-8.17; Lecture Notes #3 [ps] [pdf]
Intro. to counters and Registers, Lecture Notes #4 [ps] [pdf]
HW#4: 8.26; pg.556:1,2
due Feb 3
Jan 31 use of flip-flops and counters
Feb 8: Midterm;  Practice midterm [ps] [pdf]
Feb 7 digital to analog, analog to digital conversion; text 9.15-9.26, 
Lecture Notes #5 [ps] [pdf]
HW#5: [ps] [pdf]
due Feb 22
Feb 14 A/D contd.
Feb 21 sequential functions; state machines; shift registers; text 8.18-8.26' Lecture Notes #6 [ps] [pdf] HW#6: [ps] [pdf
due Feb 29
Feb 28
memory, programmable logic; buses, text 11.12,8.15, Lecture Notes #7 [ps] [pdf
HW#7: [ps] [pdf]
due Mar 9
March 6  Memory, processors, buses (contd.)

Final Exam: Weds March 15, 8:00 AM, Wil 147