Physics 431/531, Analog Electronics, Fall 1999

In addition to the basic course information below, this page will give updates on schedules, labs, exams, projects, etc. during the term.


Raymond Frey, Wil 405, 346-5873, 

Office hours:

Tu,W 11:00--12:00


Tu,Th 12:30--13:20, Wil 147


The Art of Electronics, 2nd Ed., Horowitz and Hill;
Instructor's lecture notes


Student Manual for the Art of Electronics, Hayes and Horowitz; also on reserve in the Science Library


Wil 11 (basement), one 3-hour lab per week starting with the week of Oct 4. Lab times will be arranged Thur Sept 30. 


Qiuyang Wu, qwu@gladstone;  office hr Tu and Weds 2:00-3:00, Wil 218
Jason Burt, jburt1@darkwing; office hr Fri 3:00-4:00, Wil 

Lab Supervisor:

Dean Livelybrooks, Wil 144, 346-5855,


This page available at

We will cover the following topics:

This material corresponds to most of Chapters 1, 2, and 4 of the text, with some material from Chapters 3, 5, 9, and 13. The text does not provide a linear exposition of the subject matter, starting from basics and coherently working up, as is typically found in physics texts. (In fact, I know of no such text for electronics.) However, the text is very comprehensive and makes an excellent reference. But it does require some work to keep the main concepts in focus. To facilitate this, I will provide lecture notes which will be handed out in class and will be available from this web page.

This course emphasizes a practical "working" knowledge of electronics, suitable for experimental research in science. The two other courses in the electronics sequence, Digital (432/532) and Instrumentation (433/533) also take this philosophy.

The graded components of the class are as follows: homework (20%), labs (40%), mid-term exam (15%), final exam (25%). The labs include a project at the end of the term. The project is to be of the student's own design and making. A passing grade on the project is required to pass the course.

We will study devices almost purely from an extrinsic viewpoint, that is, we will not discuss (much) how devices like diodes and transistors work at the level of condensed matter physics. A good reference for those interested in seeing a treatment at this level is S.M. Sze, ``Semiconductor Devices, Physics and Technology'', Wiley, 1985, ISBN 0-471-87424-8. 


The following schedule for the laboratory sections includes links to the corresponding writeups. Lab sections and meeting times are indicated.

Lab Section 1:

Tu 3:00-6:00, Wil 11  Wu 

Lab Section 2:

W 3:30-6:30, Wil 11  Wu 

Lab Section 3:

Th 5:30-8:30, Wil 11  Burt




Oct 4

Linear Components ( ps or pdf

Oct 11 

Diodes and Transistors ( ps or pdf

Oct 18 

no lab

Oct 25 

Transistor Circuits and FETs ( ps or pdf

Nov 1

Op Amps Intro ( ps or pdf

~ Nov 8 no lab

Nov 15 

Op Amps II and Phase-locked Loops ( ps or pdf

Project proposals 

due Nov 12 

Project Guidelines ( ps or pdf Examples from previous classes 


due Dec 3 

Lectures, Homework, and Exams

The following table is will be updated frequently. Unless otherwise noted, the homework numbers refer to "Exercises" in the text. Homework solutions will be placed on reserve in the Science Library. The whole package of lecture notes are also available as one pdf file.




Sep 27

Introduction; Voltage dividers; Thevenin theorem text 1.0-1.20; Lecture Notes 1 (ps) or (pdf)  HW 1  due Oct 5

Oct 4

linear devices; AC circuits & calculations; complex impedance; text 1.21-1.34, App A; Lecture Notes 2 (ps) or (pdf) ; Lecture Notes 3 (ps) or (pdf)  HW 2  due Oct 7

Oct 11

Frequency domain calculations (contd.); diodes; transistors; text 2.0-2.14; 
Lecture Notes 4 (ps) or (pdf) 
HW3: Text pg59:
3,4,6; due Oct 14

Oct 18

transistor circuits; text 2.15-2.25; Lecture Notes 5 (ps) or (pdf) ; Lecture Notes 6 (ps) or (pdf)  HW4 due Oct 21;
HW5 due Oct 29

Oct 25

transistor circuits; FETs text 3.0-3.03 (browse); Lecture Notes 7 (ps) or (pdf) HW6: Text 2.8, 
pg 110: 3,5; due Nov 3 

Nov 1

Differential amplifiers, Op-amps; text Ch 4 thru 4.12 ; Lecture Notes 10 (ps) or (pdf)

 Midterm Exam Thursday Nov 4  (Do the practice exam!)

Nov 8

Op-amp circuits; feedback ; Lecture Notes 9 (ps) or (pdf) HW 7 due Nov 16 

Nov 15

pos. feedback and oscillators; Lecture Notes 10 (ps) or (pdf)  HW8 ( ps or pdf )
Due Weds Nov 23

Nov 22

"radio": modulation and detection, AM, phase, and FM; phase-locked loops ; Lecture Notes 11 (ps) or (pdf)  HW9 ( ps or pdf )
Due Dec 1

Nov 29

Projects due this week; writeups due Friday Dec 10 5PM

Final Exam: Tuesday Dec 7, 8:00 AM, Wil 318