Circular Motion

The following is a list of problems. To access a problem, click on its title:
Converting radians to degrees and vice versa
Swinging a sling
Moment of inertia comparison
Dropping a rock on a rotating disc
Indiana Jones
Rotating discs
Throwing a ball in a space station
Angular displacement, velocity and acceleration
Path length of the rotating Earth
The angular velocity of the Earth
Calculating Centrepital Acceleration
Accelerating wheel
Accelerating fan
Turning off a car
Bicycle computer
The tangential velocity of the Earth
Record on a Turntable
Baseball pitcher
Space station
Riding a carousel
Constant systems
A child on a swing
Rollercoaster loop
Torque Equilibrium
Rotating mass
Lifting a car
A ladder leaned on a wall
The Conical Pendulum
Plank attached to a wall
Changing systems
Descending dog
Pushing a bed
Pulley on a plane
Hanging masses on a pulley
Olympic hammer throw
3 blocks, 2 pulleys

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