Oregon Fishing

Local Yokels

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Some Useful Web and Gopher Stuff

Oregon Weekly Fishing Report
This is the ODFW's gopher page, containing fishing reports, rule changes, and news.
Oregon Fish & Wildlife Web Page
This is the ODFW's Web page, containing Oregon fishing reports, Fisheries news and recent fishing regulation changes.
GORP's Oregon Page
Has info on wildernesses, national forests, etc.
Info on Eugene, Oregon
This is the city of Eugene's home page (netscape only)

Weather & Climate Stuff

River Statement
This is a list of Oregon river levels, grabbed daily at 9:30 am. It now includes online plots of previous river levels... if it isn't working go here
Oregon Weather Trends
A clickable map of Oregon, leading to plots of local temperatures and rainfall for the last 30 days.
Zebu's Weather Stuff
This is our (the U of O's) Physics Department's repository of weather maps and links to other weather information.
Oregon Climate Service
From OSU, this contains a plethora of Pacific NW weather and climate related materials

The McKenzie Page
last update: April 4, 1995

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