October Caddis

(Limnephilidae Dicosmoecoes)

These bugs are only found in the Pacific Northwest, particularly in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Northern California. They are important to fish in all stages of their development...


[image of larva] [image of larva]

(case length approx 3.5 cm)

[image of larva]

(body length approx 2.5 cm)

I took a picture of the uncased larva because sometimes they decide to leave their cases and drift to a new home. Fish like that.


The adults hatch in late fall, anywhere from late September to November (when this one was caught).

[image of adult]

[image of adult]

(body+wing length approx. 3.0 cm)

[image of adult] [image of adult]

(the scale on the ruler is in centimeters)

-- These are two extra pictures showing exactly how big this bug is, and also and example of how caddisflies fold their wings in a tentlike fashion over the top of their bodies.


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