Nilendra G. Deshpande

Nilendra Deshpande's research interests are in electroweak interactions and grand-unification. The standard model proposed by Glashow-Salam-Weinberg has been immensely successful. However, precision tests of the model are just starting. These tests can be carried out in the decays of a heavy quark, like the b quark; or in the decays of the Z boson. Experimental data can then lead to limits on the new physics like supersymmetric particle masses or masses and mixing of additional Z bosons. A poorly understood part of the standard model deals with CP properties between matter and anti-matter. New tests of this phenomenon in heavy quark decays would throw light on the subject. Another topic under study is the question of neutrino masses and oscillations as they relate to the Solar Neutrino puzzle. Advent of new detectors makes this area exciting for the near future.

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