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The Low Surface Brightness Universe


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Mike Disney Speaks:

Controversial Issues: What do you think?

Contentious Theme #1: Big Gas Rich LSB Disks

BIMM's Object

1. There are No big LSB gas-rich disks - how come Dr. BIMM found Malin 1?

2. Blind 21-cm searches will NOT find Invisible Galaxies

3. There are very few completely dark H I clouds

4. Massive LSB disk galaxies are Exotic

Contentious Theme #2: Star Formation in LSB Disks

1. How do stars form if the Jeans length is greater than the scalelength of the light distribution?

2. Red LSBs are younger than blue LSBs

3. How do stars form at all well below the Kennicutt threshold (historical note: this should be the Quirk (1972) threshold

4. If some big discs have few stars, why don't some have none?

Contentious Theme #3: Dynamics of LSB Disks

1. Is (M/L)lsb = (M/L)hsb at given Vcirc?

2. Do LSBs and HSBs live in the same Halo?

3. Is there any Dark Matter in LSBs or is it MOND?
( uh ...)

4. Do all disks follow the same TF relation
( magic?)

5. Maximum disc models do not work for LSBs

Contentious Theme #4: Space Density of LSBs

1. The "flat" distribution seen above is NOT the same as a flat distribution for a given scale length (h) or luminosity (L) integrated over all galaxies.

2. Many of you are doing your visibility corrections wrong

3. The real distribution of SB is bimodal

4. The HSB state of a galaxy is transient

5. Most of the galaxies in our neighborhood are undiscovered

6. All members of the Local Group have been discovered

7. The spread in surface brightness represents spread in disc angular momentum