Images of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies

In this gallery are many images of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies which have recently been discovered and analyzed. LSB disk galaxies have similar structure as high surface brightness galaxies; that is, the light distribution falls of exponentially. LSB galaxies are best parameterized by their central surface brightness . A detailed reference list is included if you want to read more about these galaxies. For now, here are some pictures and some brief words:

UGC 6614 This galaxy is a member of the large disk class of LSB galaxies. It has an obvious bulge and an inner ring; the outer diffuse spiral structure defines a disk of approximate diameter 150 kpc. The central surface brightness of this galaxy is 24.28

Malin 2 This galaxy is another huge disk galaxy with a scale length of 15 kpc and a redshift of 15000 km/a. The high surface brightness knot in one of its spiral arms actually has the same color, luminosity and H-alpha equivalent width as the entire Large Magellanic Cloud . B(0) for Malin 2 is 23.4

UGC 1230 This galaxy has a scale length of 3 kpc and an overall mass like the Milky Way. It has B(0) = 22.9 which is at the brighter end of what should be considered as an LSB galaxy. What is remarkable about this galaxy are its very blue colors, despite a low star formation rate. The B-V and U-B colors of these galaxy are 0.42 and -0.19; typical for high surface brightness Sc galaxies which have well defined spiral structure.

UGC 9024 This is another large disk with a scale length of 5.6 kpc and B(0) = 24.5. Like most of the LSB galaxies which have large scalelengths, some fragmentary spiral structure is visible and a central bulge is prominent.

F561-1 This object was discovered from visual inspections of the New Palomar Sky Survey It has B(0) = 23.0 and a scale length of 2.5 kpc and is very representative of the kind of galaxy which has not been detected in previous surveys.

F469-2 This galaxy has B(0) = 23.7 and scale length = 2.9 kpc. With a U-B color of -0.44, it is the bluest galaxy in the sample. There is no sign of spiral structure here and the galaxy is just an irregular collection of blobs.

F611-1 This galaxy is near the limit of what can be discovered photgraphically (note the level of the sky noise in this contrast setting). It has B(0) = 24.3 and a scale length of 1.5 kpc. Its overall mass is like that of the LMC and its integrated colors are significantly bluer. Again, there is no sign of spiral structure in this rather blue galaxy.

Guess which Local Group Galaxy this is

This image is taken with the Parking Lot Camera system. This galaxy is normally well resolved into stars and lies at a distance of about 800 kpc from us. This image in essence shows what this galaxy would look like at a distance of 10 Mpc from us. Truly it is a Low Surface Brightness Galaxy. So, which galaxy is it ?

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