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  • Colliding Galaxies I.

  • Colliding Galaxies II.

    These movies show encounters between two equal mass galaxy disks which interact via different orbital plane geometries. The response of the gas to that encounter through star formation is color coded - red is the most intense regions of star formation and blue is the least intense

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    A Dark Matter Encounter

    This movie shows an encounter between a gas rich disk galaxy and a very high Mass-to-Light ratio gas poor dwarf galaxy. As this movie shows the response of the gas (each colored dot is gas), the dwarf galaxy does not appear in the movie, only its gravity is reflected.

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    Experimental Morphing Movie

    This movie shows how the UV appearance of a galaxy, in this case M81, and the Red appearance of the galaxy, are very different. The movie begins with the UV and ends with the Red. The UV light comes from stars that are about 1 million years old, the Red light comes from stars that are 5 Billion years old.

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