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Geology is one of our hobbies but we have been banned from its official practice. For that you should jump to the University of Oregon Geology Department . But there is some stuff here of general geological interest as well (e.g. earthquakes , volcanoes , sea surface temperature and hurricane formation ). We have also been banned from doing any Geography stuff but ...

Some Geology Stuff

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Earthquake Information:

Volcano Information:

Volcano Resources on the Web

Oceans, Hurricanes and Sea Surface Temperature:

Go Here for Sea Surface Temperature Data

As an example of how sensitive hurricane strength is to ocean temperature, we offer two views of Hurricane Elmilia:

  • July 19

    On July 19 the storm was centered at about 11.5 degrees North latitude and had a central pressure of 925 millibars. This is one of the lowest (and may have been the lowest) central pressures ever recorded for a storm in the Pacific. The overall size of the storm is very impressive, covering some 8 degrees in latitude. A strom of this magnitude encountering Hawaii would have done major damage.

  • July 22

    By July 22 the storm had moved 5 degrees further north and hence moved over slightly cooler water. The storm rapidly weakened as it lost its main energy source and now the pressure has risen to 991 millibars and maximum winds have decreased considerably. All Hawaii would see is a lot of rain but essentially no wind damage.

    Nov 1: 1995 --> The Strengthening of Super Typhoon Angela This is a major storm. One of the centuries strongest. Sustained winds are 190 mph! ___________________________________________________________________

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