Moving Towards Life

How did chemisty and oceans produce this?

Remember the two keys to evolution of planetary atmospheres:

After condensation of water vapor produced the earth's oceans, thus sweeping out the carbon dioxide and locking it up into rocks, our atmosphere was mostly nitrogen.

So now let's make some life over the next billion years or so:

Amino Acids now loosely mixed in the oceans

So now we have some amino acids (monomers) loosely mixed in the oceans. Liquid medium is important:

Next goal is to combine monomers into Polymers (peptide chains)

How did chemisty and oceans produce this?

Cells Today:

4 Billion years ago:

Step 2: Concentrate the Monomers:

Energy Sources:

All of the above are quite inefficient compared to enzymes

Clays Silicate Surfaces acts as a catalyst

Peptide chains of around 100 amino acids can be found today

Does the reaction on the silicate surfaces favor L amino acids?

Step 3: BIG, Unknown Next Step need to organize a system capable of self-replication (e.g. DNA)

EVOLTUIONARY ADVANTAGE: Polymers that could reproduce themselves will survive

Now we have a multiplying population of bacteria (prokaryotes) that has to eat to survive:

What to eat?

EVOLTUIONARY ADVANTAGE: Bacteria that could process plentiful UV light and INorganic molecules will survive