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I strongly believe it is the personal responsibility of the scientist to help educate the public to show that we live in a rational universe. The current level of science literacy in this country is alarmingly low and does not bode well for a competitive advantage in a technical world. Must of this is a result of the way that we teach and/or present science to the lay public. In general, we present this as a collection of "facts" learned about the physical world. We rarely, if ever, present it as a discovery process in which the science is built on experimental results . With the widespread appeal of the Internet and its associated Web browsers, the scientist now has a good forum for placing their data and their explanations of it in a public forum for immediate access.. I was one of the first to do this and to see the potential and have been actively engaged in this enterprise for the last 4 years. We need to present science in a much more innovative and engaging way than has ever been done before and the new technologies are helping to do just that.