These links refer to research quality images taken with a 2048x2048 CCD camera. The starting data for this gallery is Oct. 28, 1995 and more images will be added as they are acquired. This page is meant to be a quasi-real time page where professional images taken by the page's maintainer will be placed here the next day. Some earlier examples of 2048x2048 images can be found in this publication The background of this page is a 2048x2048 Image taken of a Hickson Compact Group of galaxies using the NTT telescope at ESO. In general, much information is lost in the conversion of 32 bit FITS images into 8-bit GIFs but I think the images are better than nothing. In some cases, the full 2048 image has been converted to a GIF while in other cases only part of the image is "interesting". Use these in any manner that you like.

Available Images:

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