1. Which of these gases has the highest "greenhouse factor" (highest absorption of infrared radiation per molecule)?

    1. carbon dioxide (CO2)
    2. nitrogen (N2)
    3. Oxygen (O2)
    4. Methane (CH4)
    5. Water Vapor

  2. Where is global warming expected to have the largest impact?

    1. in the oceans
    2. at high latitudes like the arctic
    3. at mid latitudes light the Great Plains
    4. at equatorial latitudes
    5. at high altitudes in the atmosphere

  3. The concentration of carbon dioxide has increased by how much since pre-industrial times?
    1. 10%
    2. 20%
    3. 30%
    4. 50%
    5. 75%

  4. I personally find that the data on worldwide temperature increases is
    1. unconvincing; we are still likely in a natural climate cycle
    2. marginally convincing; I think there is slight evidence for small tempearature increases
    3. compelling; the signature of global warming is unambiguous
    4. overwhelming and obvious

  5. I believe the main source of atmospheric build up of CO2 is due to
    1. deforestation
    2. respiration of humans
    3. energy generation for industrial uses
    4. driving of automobiles
    5. natural effects associated with an interglacial period

      1. If we stopped all activities today, approximately how long would it take for the atmospheric CO2 level to return to preindustrialized times?

        1. 10 years
        2. 50 years
        3. 200 years
        4. 500 years
        5. never