Reactive or Proactive Policy

George Carlin's view: Those guys say that they have a bigger penis than we do Bomb 'em (in reference to Desert Storm - 1991).

This effects Environmental Management in a profound way.

The reactive vs. proactive problem is also true in the private sector. Unfortunately, as we tend to progress "up the ladder" we get positive feedback for handling "problems" while sometimes receiving no feedback for planned (proactive) responses to potential situations or new opportunities. As long as the private sector continues to incent reactive responses, they will continue to be the standard respones!

Example: A proactive response is one in which I make a course pack of the material available. But this goes unnoticed instead students will complain in a "reactive" manner that a particular lecture was slightly modified compared to what is in the course pack!

Example: Business world example: quite relevant


The major change agents currently in education are problems and crises. And American education is in crisis. This causes the whole process to be one of reacting to the crisis rather than planning for improvement without crisis looking over our shoulder and telling us to hurry. These rush planning jobs just do not get the job done.

highly applicable to the UO.


I5 bridge repairs 39 million dollars got allocated yesterday because of immediate crises and threat. Why not just plan to put in a new bridge ever 25 years?