Global Warming Part II

Concentration increases since 1750:

Data showing the increasing concentration of Greenhouse Gases:

CO2 is steadily increasing at the rate of about 1 ppm per year

NOx is leveling off due to pollution abatement on vehicles but this is offset by increasing vehicular traffic

CH4 is only recently been measured. Rate of increase is about 10 ppb per year. However, since 1 CH4 molecule is worth 25 CO2 molecules, the equivalent growth rate in terms of CO2 is 2.5 ppm. Thus methane may eventually be the dominant enhanced greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. What can we do about this?

Global Warming: Is it Real?

Rise in Atmospheric CO2:

This is not controversial:

Recent Measurements (on going monitoring)

Recent Ice Core Data

Land Use Changes:

Okay, so now we have a pretty strong indication that atmospheric CO2 is building up over time. Are there indications that this is leading to a warmer planet?

Again, here is some data:

Temperature Trends:

Tempeature profiles by Month

Predicting the Future very difficult

But the past is an interesting guide:

The data which convinced the scientific community (1999):