Intelligent Life in the Universe

Is there Intelligent Life in the Universe?

Do This Now, in class, if you are actually here to read this:

On a single piece of paper:

1. Write down your estimate of how much longer the human species will be able to survive on planet earth.

2. Do you believe that eventually we will colonize other worlds in our Galaxy?

3. Do you believe that intelligent life exists on other planets in the Galaxy?

Don't put your name on this and please hand it in to the professor to again see what the class concensus is.

A Statistical Estimate for the How Many Are Out there

We can write down a statistical equation to estimate the number of civilizations which currently exist in our Galaxy .

This equation has three parts:

Remember, we seem to be part of this Process Our choice now is which divergent path do we choose? - the long term one or the short term one?

So, here is the equation:

So what should the estimates be? In class we arrived at a bunch of different numbers.

Remember, that if you want the final answer to be 1 then you have to identify which term is unique (that is, it only happened here). Here are my estimates which are then explained below:

Why one million is a small number

  • What is the Moral: Life, All Life is Rare whether its yours, your neighbors or your neighbors pet slug.

  • Yes but what about colonization? The argument why N must be one:

    Implications of the above argument:

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