Astronomy 123: Second Homework Assignment

The Assignment:

You may, as before, work on this assignment with groups of other students.

  1. Be Edwin Hubble and determine the expansion of the Universe using the simulation of The Hubble Expansion Law and answer the questions therein.

    (you probably need to be using Internet Explorer version 5.5 or above for the simulation to run).

  2. What was Supernova 1987A and what were some of the things that were learned from it.

  3. Suppose you were arguing with someone about the Age of the Earth and your foe had an intrinsic distrust of science and its methods and so therefore would not believe anything to do with radioactive age dating. Outline what points of "common sense" about the nature of the Earth that you could use to demonstrate that the Earth is geologically old. You might want to consult this reference for some ideas.