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Comparisons between the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius are inevitable. Technologically, they are two of the most advanced cars ever offered to consumers. They also share the same raison d'Ítre: to make more environmentally sound cars that a wide range of people will still want to own & drive. When it comes to reducing environmental impact, both the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius are well beyond what other car makers are offering.

While they have a lot in common, there are some interesting differences between the Insight and Prius. I believe these differences are a good thing. In order for more environmentally sound vehicles to succeed in the marketplace, there needs to be diversity, as different people will look for different things in their cars.

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Format & Features
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Performance & Emissions
Step into each car and look around How each car works What each car achieves with this technology
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Honda Insight Toyota Prius
(2nd generation / U.S. version)
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Performance & Emissions

Energy Efficiency
(city/hwy mileage)

61 / 70 mpg (5 spd) 52 / 45 mpg

HC, CO & NOx Emissions
(Emissions measured by xxLEV Standards)


CO2 Emissions
(Not measured by xxLEV)

3.1 t/yr 4.0 t/yr

Acceleration, 0-60mph

10.5 sec. 13.8 sec.


680 mi + -


3 door, 2 seat coupe 4 door, 5 seat sedan


5 speed manual or
CVT Automatic
CVT Automatic


gas/electric hybrid
gas/electric hybrid

Body Construction

Aluminum alloy monocoque Conventional steel body

Aerodynamic Drag

0.25 cd 0.29 cd
Price $18,880 U.S.
$20,080 U.S. /w A/C
$20,485 U.S. (/w A/C)

Editor's Note: I've endeavored to make this comparison as fair and accurate as possible. Thanks go to the many people, including Honda & Toyota representatives, who've helped to gather & review this information.

Please send me a message if you have any feedback about this comparison. If you are choosing between the Insight and Prius, I would also be interested to know which car you end up choosing, and why.

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