Energy From the Wind

Wind Energy: Production Line Sources

Major Goals for US Wind Production:

  • to install 10,000 MW of capacity in the U.S.;
  • to build a $4 billion domestic wind industry capable of delivering 3,000 MW annually;
  • to create tens of thousands of new, long-term, skilled jobs;
  • to achieve levelized costs below four cents per kilowatt-hour;
  • to make wind power a major option in achieving the nations global climate change objectives; and
  • to make the U.S. wind energy industry the worlds technology leader and lowest cost supplier.

    Remember where the Wind Blows in the US:

    Western Regional Potential

  • Where the wind blows on the Internet There are a lot of startup utilities engaged in this enterprise
  • California Wind Production Report


    Domestic Production in California:

    Other States:

    Potential Wind Capacity at Some Locations in the US:

    Note: Total electrical energy generated by fossil-fuel plants in 1990 was 2000 billion KWH

    Some Large Scale Projects:

  • Aleutian Project Stretch turbines out over the entire 1300 mile chain. Use electricity to create Hydrogen. Liquefy the Hydrogen and ship it to California.

  • Great Plains I: One turbine Tower per square mile stretched out from Texas to Canada.
    • 300,000 total towers
    • Each tower 850 feet high Important so as to get above friction induced by ground based obstacles.
    • each tower has 20 generators and is powered by a two blade propellor of diameter 50 feet.
    • Capacity of single tower is 500 KW capacity so total capacity is 150,000 Mega Watts (1/2 the US consumption

    • Note, we already have 600,000 oil wells in the US and no one seems to mind

      Great Plains II: Clustered wind farms of 165 individual turbines seperated by 60 miles laid out in 300 mile swatch from Texas to Canada

    Problems: (?)


    • Price of wind power is coming down.
    • There is enormous capacity
    • Wind power is a lot more promising that Solar PV production line facilities
    • Energy storage, however, is still a problem
    • Costs to the consumer will only be competetive if mass production of wind turbines is achieved

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