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Energy Storage II

Energy Density of Some Materials (KHW/kg)

Energy density storage drives the choices that can be made. Technology helps to drive this. As discussed previously, energy storage in batteries is not sufficiently high to solve the basic problem.

Technical Overview of Energy Storage (PDF File)

Another Overview

Hence The Advanced Battery Consortium

Last time we talked about

Other Forms of Energy Storage

Compressed Air:

Has high energy storage capacity compared to the alternatives. About 10 times higher per cubic meter than water.

One example (in Germany) to date:

For gases, Pressure is directly related to Temperature (Ideal Gas Law)

Go to the pressure chamber JAVA applet

Example calculation:

If the temperature of the air at 1 atm is 20 C, how much will the temperature raise if we increase the pressure to 100 atm.

In general, pressure and temperature between gases is related as

T2 = T1(P2/P1)(n-1)/n

For an ideal gas, n = 1 in above. Air is not an ideal gas and it has n = 1.4 Temperature is measured in Kelvins .

so you get

T2 = 293(100)(1.4-1)/1.4 = 293 x 100 .286

100.286 = 3.73

T2 = 293*3.73 = 1093K = 720 C

which would melt the salt reservoir!

The Compressed Air Car

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