Astronomy 123: Second Homework Assignment

Provide some information in response to the following questions. This is best done by using an Internet search engine and typing in a key word or phrase related to the question.

  1. Briefly outline the procedure/experiment that Penzias And Wilson did to discover (accidentally) the Microwave Background.

  2. What was the COBE mission of NASA and what were its main results? What is the WMAP mission and how has it improved upon the COBE results?

  3. Give a qualitative overview on the concept of Quantum Gravity .

  4. Explain how the density of deuterium is a sensitive probe of the density of the early Universe.

  5. Suppose that I take a spectrum of two galaxies. In Galaxy 1 I observe that the hydrogen line has a wavelength of 7220 angstroms. In Galaxy 2 I observe the hydrogen line has a wavelength of 6556 angstroms. I know from laboratory measurements that the wavelength of this line should be 6563 angstroms. Given this data, compute the redshift and radial velocity of galaxies 1 and 2. This Tutorial might help.