Astronomy 123: First Homework Assignment

Provide some information in response to the following questions. Such information can be generally found by using an Internet search engine and typing in a key word or phrase related to the question.

  1. What are the principle differences between Galileo and Aristotle's concept of motion and the origin of motion?

  2. How did Einstein's new theory help to resolve the dilemma posed by discovering that the orbit of Mercury did not conform to Newton's Laws.

  3. Using this resource provide an overview of Aristotle's notion of an ordered Universe as well as an overview of the Ptolemaic model.

  4. Who was Bruno and what kinds of things did he write about in a way that caused him to be burned at the stake in the year 1600.?

  5. Summarize the Shapley-Curtis debate and its implications on the overall size of our Galaxy and the size of the Universe.