Evolution of Intelligence


Climatic Change

Food/crop/plant production is very sensitive to climate; many zones exist

Climate results from the uneven distribution of heating over the surface of the earth caused by the earth's tilt. This tilt is the angle between the earth's rotational axis and its orbital plane around the sun. Currently this angle is 23.5 degrees.

Long term climate is also affected by the heat balance of the earth which is driven mostly by the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Climate change can result if the pattern or solar radiation is changed and/or if the amount of CO2 changes. There is abundant evidence that the earth does undergo climatic change. Climatic change can be a limiting factor for the evolution of many species.

Climate Change:

Effects of Ice Ages Causes of Ice Ages needs to be PERIODIC!

The most Probable Cause:

More About Ice Ages

Let's Melt the Polar Caps

Is there Intelligent Life on the Earth

Evolution of Intelligence:

Define Relative Intelligence:

What is Intelligence?:

EL Scale

The point of this scale is one of RELATIVE intelligence there is nothing absolute about it.

Causes of Mass Extinction (Dinosaurs/Plankton)

Clearly are the result in reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches the surface.

Possible Mechanisms of Extinction

What do we know about the last extinction event 65 million years ago?

But we don't know the causal connection between the impact and the extinction cycle but clearly something basically put a halt to photosynthesis for some period of time.

Possibilities for blocking out the sunlight:

When will the next mass extinction event happen? (one of course could argue that its happening now)

Sometime in the next few 10's of millions of years the earth is likely to be hit again but an object 10--100 kilometers in diameter.


Is there Intelligent Life on the Earth

What Can we Conclude from the Above Graph:

It seems likely than when terrestrial ecosystems developed, the flow of nutrients to the oceans became impaired which served to suppress that ecosystems growth rate over the rest of geologic time.

Factors that might contribute to rate of growth of intelligence:

But clearly the role of mass extinction is paramount and allows the survivors to fill the newly opened ecological niches

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