Heliocentric Cosmology

Historical Cosmologies

Cosmology and the Origin of Life

Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (15th Century) through a lot about cosmology and came up with the following;

Thus for the first time we see the ideas of relativity, homogeneity and non-uniqueness expressed.

Copernicus embraces the non-uniqueness idea and then asks why should the earth be at the center - lets put the SUN there

  • This is the First Heliocentric Cosmology

    Evolving Models of the Solar System and The Scientific Method:

  • Galileo sees a mini solar system around Jupiter

  • Tycho searches for stellar parallax sees none Aarogant rejection of Copernicun Model

  • Tycho publishes data Kepler makes Geometrical Model

    Kepler's laws are only empirical they have no dynamical basis. Therefore, they would appear to be magic as they have no physical explanation (yet). (see page 16 in the book).

    Newton invents gravity, calculus but forgets about the speed of light

    Einstein invents causality and gravity as curved spacetime

    And Now for three relevant questions from History and Professor John Nicols:

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