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Looking More at Data

First a return to the Salmon issue:

White Men Luv Fish

Pacific Northwest Index

Canadian Harvest Increases

Some Salmon Links

The above documents and data strongly suggest that a significant reason for Columbia river salmon decline is due to increased harvests in Alaska and Canada.

This is likely a reflection of where the Salmon are and this is strongly coupled to decadel climate changes in the Alaska-BC-PNW region.

This implies, that at any particular point in this region, over timescales of 50 years, salmon counts/catches will be cyclical in nature.

So, be careful what you are told without being allowed to see the larger picture:

World Salmon Harvest

Graph shows total salmon catch off the coast of North America (including Alaska).

Decline of In-River catches which is frequently used as the "best" indicator for overall salmon decline in the Columbia River System:

Implication is that increases in ocean catch are directly responsible for decreases of in-river catches also shown.

Power to replace Salmon Killers What are the options to finding 15,000 MW of power, continuously delivered, at 4-5 cents per KWH?:

Is there really an acceptable alternative?

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