Physics 161 Third Homework Assignment


If you want to prepare a web page in response to this assignment that would be great. This is not required however.

As always, information relevant to these questions can be found on the World Wide Web. A particularly good search engine can be found at AltaVista - type in a search string in quotes to find exact matches. e.g. "Big Bucks" will return all matches to pages that contain this exact phrase.

Alternatively you could use the library.


1. Go this EPA Site and pick one of the four myths about ozone depletion which are listed there. State why you think this particular myth is so widely believed by the lay public. Based on the information presented there, do you think the data effectively dispels the myth?

2. Find out what Three Mile Island was and when it occurred. Fine out what the movie The China Syndrome was about and when it was released. Is there a connection between these events and public perception of nuclear safety.

3. Find out some information about the ongoing cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear reactor facility. What are some of the major concerns and what are the most deadly radioactive products still on site. Be sure to include the URLs where you found this information.

4. Find some information on how France and Germany handle their nuclear waste and give a brief overview. Include your sources of information.

5. As you probably now, there was a demonstration about the launch of Cassini as it contained a nuclear reactor onboard. Go Here and answer the following questions:

Now for extra credit find out the following:

  • Why is Plutonium dangerous?
  • Approximately how much Plutonium is estimated to lie at the bottom of the ocean in Nuclear powered submarines that sank?

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