Astronomy 123: First Homework Assignment

Provide some information in response to the following questions. This is best done by using an Internet search engine and typing in a key word or phrase related to the question.

  1. What was the COBE mission of NASA and what were its main results? What is the MAP mission and how will it improve upon the COBE results?

  2. Recently a mission known as BOOMERANG has made quite a bit of press by claiming its measurements show that the Universe is flat? What was the BOOMERANG mission and what did it actually measure? How was this different than what COBE measured?

  3. What is a neutrino and why might it be cosmologically relevant? What is the Solar Neutrino Experiment and why are its results puzzling?

  4. What is some of the evidence for the existence of substantial amounts of Dark Matter in the Universe?

  5. What is the Hubble Deep Field and why are astronomers excited about it?

  6. What is a gravitational lens? Find a URL that shows an image of a gravitational lens.

  7. Using this resource provide an overview of Aristotle's notion of an ordered Universe as well as an overview of the Ptolemaic model.