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    Lecture #01

    Introduction and Historical Cosmologies

    Lecture #02

    Naked Eye Observations and the Geometric Universe

    Lecture #03

    Relativity, Curved Space Time and Expansion

    Lecture #04

    The Standard Hot Big Bang Model

    Lecture #05

    The First Second: Energy to Mass Conversion

    Lecture #06

    The First Three Minutes and the Creation of Helium

    Lecture #07

    Recombination and the end of the Ionized Universe

    Lecture #08

    The Dark Matter Universe

    Lecture #09

    A Universe full of Galaxies

    Lecture #10

    Supernova and The Formation of the Solar System

    Lecture #11

    Formation of the Earth's Atmosphere and the Development of Early Life

    Lecture #12

    From the Ocean to the Land: The Development of Critters

    Lecture #13

    Obstacles to Life on the Land: Plate Tectonics and Geological Catastrophe

    Lecture #14

    Climatological Catastrophe and Mass Extinctions

    Lecture #15

    Is there Intelligent Life on Earth?

    Lecture #16

    The Probability of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

    Lecture #17

    Our Place in the Cosmos