Energy Policy Issues

Barriers to Production Line Alternative Energy Sources

There are many:

Breaking Down These Barriers:

Seizing the Green Initiative:

Leadership requires Big Brass Balls but, somehow we don't grow them anymore.

Do we have a cultural impediment towards sustainability?

Hierarchical World View Linear Time.

Connected World View Cyclical Time.

Is technology the problem or is it our management of technology that causes our rapid depletion of resources? The story of Fred, Sam and Ralph

What Can You Do?

  • Use flourescent lighting
  • Drive less
  • Have an appropriate number of children
  • Exercise responsibility wisely
  • Learn Humility
  • Educate your peers about the need for alternative energy
  • Ask your local energy provider what their future plans are
  • Consider small scale methods that help decouple you from the power grid.
  • Stop the NIMBY attitude
  • Think locally and act globally

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