Physics 162 Third Homework Assignment

Date Due: Tuesday June 2

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    1. Find some information on the design and potential of the Advanced Gas Turbine. What are some of the advantages that have been cited with respect to this device.

    2. Locate some places in the world which are currently using Tidal Energy to create electricity. Describe the operation and specify how many Megawatts of power are produced. Is there any particular country that seems headed in this direction?

    3. Find some information on the frequency and amount of oil spills which occur in the world's oceans in a given year. Summarize your findings in terms of what perecentage of the oil that the US uses in a given year is lost in these spills?

    4. Find some information on population projections for the United States. What are the worst and best case scenarios. If the United States wanted to achieve zero population growth, what conditions would have to exist?

    5. Go Here and take the Pop quiz. We don't care how many you get correct. However, of the questions there, explain which one had an answer that most surprised you and how should that answer affect our future policies?

    6. Find some information about the history of Dam failures in the US and Canada since 1900. Find out what incident sparked the National Dam Inspection Act and when this occurred.

    7. There is some potential for GeoThermal Energy production in the US. Go to this site and answer the following questions;

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