Physics 162 Second Homework Assignment

Date Due: Tuesday May 5

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    1. Find some information about biomass and its feasibility as an alternative energy source. Are there any practical applications which presently exist?

    2. Describe some of the programs currently underway on Advanced Battery Technology. What are some of the projected power and storage capacities and how will these new technologies help in the development of electric cars?

    3. Using the resources listed on the main course page, prepare a summary evaluation of the current status of Electric Vehicles and include some information on some specific models that are in the works.

    4. The release of greenhouse gases in the US is approximately how many times higher than the greenhouse gases released by the country of India.

    5. How does the US compare to India in terms of population growth and the per capita use of Energy? Does the US have the right to tell India how to manage its energy? If so, why? If not, why not?

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