"Hey Beavis, Like What's Scattering Dude?

Listen up Dude: Scattering is a wavelength dependent physical process when ever optical photons interact with molecules. Scattering causes the direction of the photons to randomly change. Scattering goes as wavelength-4 meaning that blue light, being approximately 1.7 times shorter wavelength than red light, is scattered about 10 times more efficiently. These multiple scatterings are the reason the sky is blue.

"Whoa, dude, that's a lamo Explanation?

Dude: Lamo isn't a word watch the movies:

Basics of Scattering as explained by Vanessa

A Scattering Network as explained by Vanessa - note that the cannon is pointed right at the detector, but the presence of a scattering screen causes blue photons to go elsewhere - if one placed detectors there, the blue photons would register on them. Again, this is why the sky is blue.

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