Energy Policy Issues

What are some of the barriers to sensible energy policy and sustainability? There are many:

Legislative Barrier: The need is not seen or understood. Continuous short term view

NIMBY Barrier: Many things are now unnacceptable to the public who continues to act only in their own self-interest

Ignorance Barrier: The public doesn`t understand the need to invest in alternative energy sources now.

Industry Barrier: Economics of alternative energy are not well understood, can industry make a profit? If not then their smokestacks will stop. Who decides to give up jobs for sustainability considerations?

Capital Cost Barrier: Without government subsidies, some facilities just can't get built

Uncertainty Barrier: Will new technology come along and obsolete what has been done? Do we just have to wait to be "saved" by fusion, or a better mousetrap?

Environmental Barrier: The perception of "damage" to the environment greatly exceeds the actual risk. Whatever alternative is proposed a self-interest group will arise to veto it

Energy Storage Barrier: All forms of alternative energy require efficient and reliable energy storage to compenesate for low duty cycle. We are still awaiting a technical breakthru here.

Breaking Down These Barriers:

Seizing the Initiative:

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