Student Network Access

In keeping with the idea that we should be more energy conscious and conserve more resources. most of this class will be paperless. Hence it is required that you get an e-mail account on gladstone. This can be done by going to the Computer Center help desk and asking how to do this. Some important handouts (paper unfortunately) can be found in the documents room on the second floor. Learning how to effectively use the computer network is an important part of this class.

There are several networked computer labs on campus. These are located in the Knight Library, the EMU, etc. In addition, a facility located in 112 Willamette hall was built specifically to serve as a network access point for students taking web based courses. The facility is staffed by knowledgeable students. It is recommended that you use Netscape from that facility as it will be tied directly to your gladstone account. If you use Netscape to access the course material from a Mac or a PC then any bookmarks you make will not be yours and will be subject to modification.

Willamette 112 has 17 xterminals in it which will provide a graphical interface to your gladstone account. In class, an Xterminal is being used to run Netscape which is being displayed on the screen. Hence, 112 Willamette offers the same network environment as you see in class.

To launch netscape from an Xterminal do the following:

  1. Choose gladstone as the machine to connect to
  2. Wait about a billion years for the CDE interface to fire up and then login with your user and password
  3. You will see a desktop environment; with the left mouse click on the blue background and highlight the menu item that says new window
  4. when that window opens, type netscape
  5. netscape will now open