Comparative Review of Alternative Energies

Why the need for Alternative Energies?

Energy Needs:

Electricity Generation, Space Heating, Transportation dominate our uses of energy. Most traditional Energy production comes about via steam driven turbines so the heating of water is what is essential.

The choices are:

Every form of energy generation has environmental fall-out. Can we pick the best one globally and or locally. As long as the decisions are driven by "voodoo" economics (i.e. heavy subsidy), intelligent decisions are not likely to occur.

Most forms of alternative energy genearation require much less of an organizational infrastructure. This means that a shift to alternative energies means a loss of jobs.

Objective Evaluation Criteria for Alternative Energies:

Forms of Alternative Energy:

Note: Currently we have no significant production line alternative energy source operating anywhere in the US!

What about Energy Storage?


Bottom line(s):
  • Wind energy coupled with advanced battery design has real promise.
  • OTEC provides a truly large scale solution
  • Solar PV does not look economically viable
  • As of 1997 there remains little incentive to not look for new oil reserves