Cosmology and the Origin of Life

Okay, our task is to now remove the earth from the center of the Universe and come up with something more sensible:

Elements of the Universe at this time (Aristotle):


Back to the Original Idea Alert:

Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (15th Century) through a lot about cosmology and came up with the following;

Thus for the first time we see the ideas of relativity, homogeneity and non-uniqueness expressed.

Copernicus embraces the non-uniqueness idea and then asks why should the earth be at the center - lets put the SUN there

  • This is the First Heliocentric Cosmology

    Evolving Models of the Solar System and The Scientific Method:

  • Galileo sees a mini solar system around Jupiter

  • Tycho searches for stellar parallax --> sees none --> Aarogant rejection of Copernicun Model

  • Tycho publishes data --> Kepler makes Geometrical Model

  • Newton invents gravity, calculus but forgets about the speed of light

  • Einstein invents causality and gravity as curved spacetime

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