How did chemisty and oceans produce this?

Remember, the chemistry/biology of 4 billion years ago was totally different than it is today. Today, everything is facilitated by Cells :

Properties of Cells Today:



Prokaryotes precede Eukaryotes by approximately 2 billion years.

Making Polymers Today:

4 Billion years ago there were no cells to facilitate this. The available energy sources were

All of the above are quite inefficient compared to enzymes

Now we have a multiplying population of bacteria (prokaryotes) that has to eat to survive:

What to eat?

EVOLUTIONARY ADVANTAGE: Bacteria that could process plentiful UV light and INorganic molecules will survive

There is still a problem:

So, chlorophyll evolves to more complex forms so that it can capture and store enough UV energy to breaking the hydrogen-oxygen bond in water.

Now we have a mechanism to deliver Oxygen to the atmosphere via the aerobic photosynthesis of blue-green algae. But, the oxygen does not initially go into the earth's atmosphere. Instead we have to wait 1.5 -2 billion years to get oxygen into our atmosphere!

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