The Willamette Valley Flood of 1996

Its happening now. What caused it? How does this compare to the big flood of 1964?

Note: This is not a little flood. Its a serious flood for all of Western Washington and Oregon and as of Feb 8 at 2 PM - all rivers are still rising. By any reasonable estimate, this flood will equal that of 1964. It will likely exceed that in many specific locations.

Okay, you weren't kidding!.
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Record Crest Levels Predicted for Many Rivers in Washington State

Quick Synopsis as of 9:30 PM Feb 8:

A couple of images taken with a digital camera of the Willamette near UO campus at 1:30 pm on Feb 8. In general, the river doesn't fill this much of the frame!

All major river valleys are prone to large floods over timescales of decades. The Willamette River Basin is no different in this regard. Notice the new infrastructure that has been put in since 1964.

Thursday Flood Warnings: !

Friday Morning Flood Warnings: READ THIS

Some Storm Damage Reports in Seattle Area

Current River Level Data:(as of Friday Morning, most river levels are decreasing or rising only very slowly and will shortly decrease). Use the Reload Page feature of your browser if the data do not read 09 Feb 1996.

At 7 am the morning of Friday Feb 9, the Willamette river in Portland overflowed the lowest point of the Sea Wall. CNN coverage can be found here

Go here for daily and monthly level reports Notice the large fluctuations since November 1 on virtually all rivers. This is related to significant wet periods over this time interval followed by cold dry spells.

The Flood of Late December 1964:

What's different between 1964 and 1996:

The Flood of 96:

More Images and Information from Oregon State University Climate Service


Other Dangers:

CNN Flood News Coverage

How the Fish Hatcheries fared in the flood

The information on this page comes from the Army Corp of Engineers, The National Weather Service, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and CNN. The words are wrapped around the information for purposes of using this material for today's lecture in Environmental Studies 202: Natural Sciences, at the University of Oregon. ___________________________________________________________________

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